Losing connection to Steam servers mean goodbye game progress?

So I was just playing Episode 4 story mission on my own and had spent about 20 minutes exploring all areas of the map, doubling back when I realized how to get through the immue domes and collecting quite a few loot packs. I’m near the end of the mission when I’m suddenly put back to the main screen… with a message saying I lost connection with Steam severs. I alt tab to see that my friend list is still visible as is the Steam store so why was I kicked out of my game.

Never mind I’ll just go back to the mission and surely be able to jump back in where I left off… oh wait no I can’t…

I go back to the mission and have to completely restart it with my 20 minutes of progress just gone, character and rank experience gone, loot packs I picked up gone and my time just generally wasted. How in the hell are people not able to rejoin a private game or their own… it’s absolutely ridiculous and makes me wary of playing a story mission again as I’m always going to be waiting for the game to randomly just throw a fit and waste my time again.

Can we please get some sort of system in place that saves your progress if you’re playing a story mission on your own. I mean god knows why one isn’t in place already…

It should have saved all experience, loot, and challenge progress. I’ve unlocked a couple of lore challenges in games that steam decided to kick me out of.
If you open up match history, and the match steam killed, it should prompt it to check if you received everything.

However, I really wish matches had a grace period before being purged from a server. With how often Steam does something stupid (particularly as I am an EU player; Steam loves interrupting peak gaming time with their maintenance) it would be nice to be able to pick up if I’m back within a certain number of minutes.

4 of us had an Advanced story going last night when Steam puked, very frustrating.

That sounds more like a steam issue than anything else. I know when my net derps, I also lose connection to steam (obviously), but I can still rejoin after reconnecting my net.

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I’ve just checked the match history and was able to get the items I’d found but only a tiny amount of exp which seems weird since I was playing on Advanced. It was frustrating however, to see that I got those on a Mission Failed screen… I didn’t fail the mission, Steam freaked out for like 0.1 seconds and bye bye game :confused:

Hope to see some officially response on this with at least some attempt at trying to stop this from being able to happen so we don’t have to keep wasting out time.

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Gearbox always had a love-hate relationship with Steam. I remember how we raged at Borderlands 2 in the very beginnings of the game, because we simply never could play coop. Steam servers kept crashing, and so all clients of a session kept being send back to menu.

I guess this is both on Steam and Gearbox. GBX try to hook their game to Steam too deeply, resulting in these kind of annoyance. That’s also because of Steam PC players can’t get split screen…

…It was, there was Steam server maintenance last evening.

Just a reminder steam has a down time every Tuesday around the same time, for me its between 6-7pm but it only lasts about 10-15 mins.

This happened to me this morning though only a few minutes before me making the post. Somehow the game lost connection with the Steam servers for like less than a second and thus I lost 21 minutes of game time :confused:

Just happened to me on last boss, hc mode. So pissed

Steam literally went down for “Maintenance” for less than 1 minute and my progress didnt count at all.