Losing faith in this game, day by day

all i wanted was borderlands 2 with bl2 / tales writing. smart humor that gets you to feel something for the characters and pick up more details the more you re-play this game.

not child poop joke ■■■■■■■■, that is funny MAYBE once every 10 jokes or so,… MAYBE

gameplay that is as it is now, but with fixed melee,… i think that zero melee from bl2 was still better then this ■■■■ because at least it felt cool with the sword…
also the slam in pre sequel was faster and felt better then the slow, SLOW and gated slam we get in bl3…
if you wanted to make the slam worse, you did it. also instead of giving it its own gear slot like PS, you put it on the artifacts, cause ???
right we need 200 guns of which are maybe 20 who arent ■■■■. right forgot

gear that isnt garbage like bl2 pearls. or plenty of other guns that felt meh.

instead we get 95% garbage, where most of it wont even drop cause its either locked like the bekah, or named boss drops that still wont work properly like all the other drops.
most of the gear is not even worth picking up because its useless.

you cant even play the endgame without at least 1 dlc…

a nice clean endgame, where you have secret bosses like vermivorous, a brand new version of a godleath, and new other stuff.
i liked proving grounds, i liked circles…

but we have nothing else. the game is as deep as a childs swimming pool.

dlcs dont even offer proving grounds, hidden stackable bosses, or other stuff like a classic raidboss for some cool ■■■■.

ppl tell me that it is not what most wanted, sad i wanted, this, and aparently the game is not for me,

mayhem is horrible, and it makes no sense to not play it for the loot you want, and it doesnt make much sense because most loot is rly ■■■■ for mayhem IN MAYHEM,
so dont play it, but play it, but also dont.

maybe one day they figure, lets not do mayhem, lets just make a game where you dont lazy away the endgame.

make enemies that naturally become harder, make fixes to things that where cool but didnt rly work out for reasons like
stackable bosses too hard to stack? okay, we find a way to make it easier but also more challenging, like example

inject varkid pods with eridium to get vermi, each pod at a time,
goliaths deal way more damage to their own allies to stack them up even faster and in endgame
make bots collect the parts of dead bots and become a bigger one
let ratches eat dead ratches to get bigger

here fixed stacking bosses for you,


i do not get why slam is followed by animation where your mouse input does not work for half asecond clearly pre sequel did not have this


nobody will ever know why they make a new thing and make a melee character and then kinda deactivate their brains like
and suddenly slams get this ■■■■■■■■ delay after using it, an animation for it that takes too long, coupled with nothing to make it rly worth.
melee should be a whole different deal with swords knifes hammers and so on, just because.

make it all faster, just so its practical to use them. in a game where i can AOE clear ■■■■, why even do melees. outside of very VERY specific builds where you can clear some ■■■■. alot of it is just not worth it.

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console version of this game is unimaginably bad , load time and bad loot in combine with getting the equipment to get in the farming loop hole , sliding sometimes reset my camera and u cannot get the sensitivity that u played on other game is really turning me off .

taking 5 minute to turn on the game , mayhem mode in general, no slag , annointment , blah blah


i rly wish there was this master patch that fixes the game… after 1 year of release…
other games fixed it too, sadly with the amount of wtf patches,… i doubt we ever get it.

best bet
they surrender on bl3
fix the next game
and maybe bring old VH over to the next with 4 more ppl
that be kinda cool.

I felt everything you said.

I wanted them to build on everything bl2 had to offer. Tbh im feel im getting less. Unless they feel all that car customizations worth it… Not like i can drive around pandora much outside of a few zones here or anywhere. And the real.driving zones really once for story no rrason to revisit places

At this point i feel like ive got half the game bl2 was.

I like this game but… I really loved bl2.

And when i say like… I mean like… I like bread.

But this aint no artisan roll.


I think the thing I disagree with is the writing, unlike a lot of folks I don’t think BL3 was that bad overall. It has the misfortune of being the game after the game ( and everyone hand waved TPS because different studio). BL2 is a bit of a unicorn and everyone pretty much acknowledges Handsome Jack is a top 10 all time video game villain. Nothing was going to be in that level. BL3 is better than BL for example (low bar admittedly) and really as good as it needed to be.


i would be super excited if og dev return and continue working on bl2 , the game still have 10x potential than a lot of the game in the market . also i want og claptrap voice too

Never even thought of how there wasn’t a circle of slaughter for each DLC. That would have just added a nice arena where you can farm for gear instead of fighting the same bosses over and over again; Really missed opportunity on that front, imo.
I did miss the BL2 way of having an invincible boss at the end of the raids, with the DLC raid currency too. I would take that over one good takedown and one pretty meh takedown.

The writing is definitely no as good as it should be. It’s a decent idea executed poorly.

What if for BL4 they combined melee and slam into a new slot? That way you can have different weapons, that are used for both melee and slam attacks (basically a weapon-slam like Thor). Then they can offer different weapons, like fast light weapons that do less damage, but can be used faster (faster slam animations). Or heavy slow weapons that do a lot more damage and knockback, but can’t be used as often.

Toss on some elemental/affix/red-text abilities, and you have a whole new world of combat options.

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my idea is you have an additional slot and that it either a melee weapon or whatever, and as you said it will change ■■■■
mostly though to make melee weapons a thing to farm for
katanas, broadswords, kunais, shurikens ( throwing melees low dmg or a fast slam) hammer spear and so on.

i rly would like to leave out half the legendaries of bordrlands right now and have melees instead to make it less boring to play.

Just saying, the newest DLC isn’t helping it’s ■■■■■■■ trash and people are acting like it’s torgue’s second coming.

the 3rd dlc is a joke

it was waaaay too short,
i just ran through it because why should i give a ■■■■?
dlc 1 and 2 did a better job at this

it started with rose and rly rly good, then i enter the city and im like…okay…
now i am supposed to give a ■■■■ about characters that never get the needed development and involvement in the story to give a ■■■■

the old sherrif, i JUST met this fker, i dont care
new sherrif kay, i mean… should i care?
deputy and the new sherrif bonding and so on I DONT CARE CAUSE YOU FORGOT TO MAKE ME CARE PPL

when i arrived at the final boss i was like… THATS IT; WTF

alson the final boss bugged out on me… that was rly ■■■■, i killed it so fast it bugged into the ground didnt arrive in the cave, also never came up. literally forced me to kill myself and restart.

NO CLASSMODS like wtf why dont you give me some crit classmods… give me some cool western style classmods
NO raidboss like eista
NO proving grounds
NO cool boss

the guns are the SINGLE element you want

also i have no fking idea what happened to rose, she didnt die i guess. the thing is its so boring i cant even keep playing this.

after trying to do the new takedown, going to the dlc, it feels like a cakewalk, and the cake is one single piece, and its not that much anyway, and some of the frosting is missing…

No it isn’t missing the frosting it is only frosting it is missing the ■■■■■■■ cake.

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you know what, thats more true actually

if it had substance it had better game depth, it just looks good on first glance

I don’t even know why they picked the western theme for it. Did they forget all of the slide guitars, bank and train heists, and high noon duels in the last game? Did they forget that they are what happens when mad max ■■■■■ a Clint Eastwood film on a Monty Python set?

I understand the hate for the writing vanilla, I appreciated all the weapons in DLC3 along with how well drawn it was and I didn’t mind the story actually but maybe that’s because I don’t really care, and I get the hate for melee too. I thought the facepuncher was a pretty cool idea until I realized they just put melee damage into a gun. They really should’ve made melee weapons it’s own type, maybe just put only legendary melee weapons so that it doesn’t clog up the lootpool since not all vault hunters have melee trees.

They need a Circle of Slaughter for each new DLC. I’d play the hades out of that to get some drops.

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THIS triggers me the most people who got into BL3 without knowing the franchise past and then telling a hardcore fan that this game isnt for me like gtfo…