Losing gear on graveward

Iv done Several runs now because i saw it happen once but then i started paying attention to my minimap more during the ending animation after killing graveward and EVERY time it dies we are currently losing legendarys off the map, while i get that we have the recovery system in place in sanc this can def be an issue if the box is full and the legos are just flying off the map Look carefully at the link provided and you can see in the minimap the flashes of legendary item off the map this happens 100% every time in M10 so far that i have tested. Please fix this.


Are you using Lootsplosion modifier?

The Galaxy Brain? modifier can cause issues with loot on Graveward.

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No, I just repeated the graveward fight again with the included modifers and it still does it

didnt have galaxybrain on either someone also said lootsplosion but i repeated it with out either of those and it still does it

It could be also just a visual bug. Go to Sanctuary, empty your LLM, kill Graveward and pick every item, check back in LLM.
Also that set of modifiers is really bad.

Really bad for what?

It would appear that it is a Visual bug i tested it out and it does seem to display a legendary falling off but when you go back to sanc there is no item in the llb, i guess thats a relief but ok i guess its just a visual bug now :P, what did you mean about the modifiers are those bugged some way as well?

when the Fabricator would shoot stuff off the platform, the Legendary star would appear on the mini-map and thus would end up in the LLM for collection.

Holy Crit is bad for DPS, especially on Moze.

Bad on moze why? i can kill graveward in about 5 secs doesnt affect my build much at all-Not to mention gravewards VERY VERY large crit spots its free damage

I see this problem too. If you go to sanctuary and use the lost loot machine after every kill you will see a new legendary there that wasn’t dropped on the platform.
It drops below the platform and off to the right. You can see the legendary icon on the mini map flickering before it disappears completely.

As above, do you have Lootsplosion modifier? It’s the only one modifier causing problems in Graveward or Agonizer drops.

Short Fuse can’t crit.

Are they not going to your “lost loot” box?

I know that when farming The Ruiner, a lot of the time, roughly half the loot wouldn’t shoot out, but just drop in the pool of acid the boss sits in making it nigh impossible to reach. But it always goes to the box when I leave.

Just tested this with single shot weps and the explosion is def criting

Any modifiers are bad … just saying .

Here is dmg formula for Short Fuse. It can’t crit.

Short Fuse Damage = 0.75 x Mayhem Scaling x Trigger Damage x Splash x v1 x v2

If you want more specific info, visit Moze section.

That’s separate not related topic :slight_smile:

the crit damage lost is not really that bad as most of my damage lost is minimal since im in iron bear99% of the time the only reason i have that point in there is to get help with the reset to get ironbear back when / if it goes away which is almost never atm i can go almost an entire zone with out having to leave iron bear unless its big booty doesnt fit through a doorway lol, i just got back to the game after a break from it but im doing 15-20Million per hit in iron bear and minimal damage with my guns and focusing the splash/damage grenade damage ect, i guess i just gotta let my guns catch up and get better ones but as of now losing out on crit damage because i cant crit off short fuse is nothing since i can kill most bosses in iron bear in a few secs

Just saying …

No lootsplosion modifier.