Losing Money is Power stacks paying for Mutator = not fair?

Well, in hopes that some Dev notices and implements a patch – doesn’t seem fair that Jack/Timothy loses Money is Power stacks when paying the Mutator arena fee. I mean, no other Vault Hunter is penalized by the entry requirements? Sure, if playing with a friend I’ll ask for them to pay but I often go in solo.

Not a big deal & not critical to success, just thought I’d raise the issue of fairness.

Same problem arose with Gaige. I wouldn’t expect a fix. Shame though.

Idk, I think pre-stacking MIP and INM on jack an aurelia is kinda exploitative in the beginning so I don’t see a problem with this being one major instance where it’s not possible. I’m not saying don’t use exploits or whatever because I am a big fan of enjoying everything within the game (external exploits are where I draw my line lol) but because it’s kinda one of those I don’t feel bad about it not being possible ya know?

I only farmed MIP a few times, just to see what high stacks would be like fighting the Sentinel – got to around 350 & yeah, it’s fun & helps. Normally I don’t farm them and thus never lose too many stacks when I go to pay the Mutator fee (~40 - 80? I play rather recklessly & lose them through dying a lot, too).