Losing relics and shields in Sanctuary

A bit of a story for context: my little sister and I were playing this game together, and we were chilling in Sanctuary between fights. My little sister had the idea to drop all of her inventory on the ground in her personal quarters to grab stuff from her bank to sell. I did the same, but when I went to grab my stuff, all of my shields and relics were gone. This was devastating, especially since I was using an Ice Breaker Otto Idol, which was incredibly important for my build. At the time, I assumed I had just sold the relics and shields or something of the sort.

However, today, I did the same thing because I was sick and tired of how little extra space I had in my bank for items I wanted. When I grabbed my stuff, it happened again. I know for a fact that I didn’t sell the relics and shields that just disappeared; I ran over to the vendor I was using just to check and make sure. There was another Otto Idol in there, too! They’re so unbelievably hard to get, and two of them disappeared into thin air by the act of me just dropping them in Sanctuary.

Please get this fixed whenever you can. I’m very upset that some good relics and shields I had are now gone and I have to spend like 2 whole days farming for another Otto Idol.

Happenned to me 2 times, trading with split screen.
Sometimes loot drop under the ground, and the icon ( of the loot ) seems to follow the player.

But impossible to grab it.