Losing sound on Xbox One

Ever since the Hot Fix came out on 9-19 I lose game sounds whenever I get into a vehicle of any type. It starts out with just the basic vehicle noise but then once I get out all sound is gone. I deleted and reloaded the game and still have the same issue.

Anyone else having this or similar issue?

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I haven’t personally, but you may get more answers in the tech support section.

Yeah I get this too. No engine sounds and no gun sounds on vehicle.


yep, occasionally it’s been on guns outside the vehicle too. Very disappointing when the game has such good sound design.

Just had this happen,when meeting clay for the first time, in tvhm.

Only his voice was heard, no other sounds. So it’s not just vehicles.

Had the same issue, just rebooted the X box, playing for about an hour now, no more sound problem… The problem began on Eden on my 4th character…

Been having this issue as well. Vehicles, guns, environment and dialog. On Xbox as well, it comes and goes.