Losing weapons when you lose connection - Need help!

Hello everyone
Um has anyone else have this problem
When I get disconnected I lose my weapons

Not sure I’ve had that happen personally, but disconnections do weird things especially if they occur right as your game was saving. What platform are you playing on? And are the weapons gone completely, or just unequipped (but still in your inventory).

I was saving on ps4 when I noticed the disconnection icon
And yes they r gone.
Know I when I played on Xbox this was an issue for a short while. But when you came here to the gearbox forums and told the administrators next thing I knew when I was online next Wonder Woman would come flying out of no where and give you a weapon drop
But that was on xbox

Understood. This would normally go in the PS4 tech support area but, since you’re in need, I’ve moved it to the On-line one instead. There’s a good PS4 community on the forums, so hopefully someone will be able to help you out (or at least help you farm up some new gear.)

If you last BAR or golden keys in the process, drop a line to the official support site:

Anything in particular you’ve lost? And what’s your PSN and usual game time?

Right on thank you very much
The only weapons I’m really want back r the vengeful infinity pistols with scopes in fire acid and non elemental. Since I spent a lot of time farming those