Loss by Average player score!?!?

Umm… No. This is the most ■■■■■■■■ loss that I’ve ever seen. If the average player score of one team is higher, yet they can only sneak out a draw? That should mean the team who was worse, and kept them from winning, should get the win. Cause clearly the team that was better, wasn’t… It’s already ridiculously hard trying to battle back from losing first spider (due to Marqueff sniping per usual) but if we do manage to finally reverse to flow there is a time limit? Should be even more impressive that one team who seems to be underhanded due to the average score being lower, can mount a comeback, or at least a draw, but nope. Just a waste of time and effort. So… No point in playing the rest of the match if first spider loss is instant loss right? I’ve seen all the other posts on here about the massive amounts of leavers per game (rarely do I play a game with a full 5v5). Maybe because no one wants to waste the rest of the allotted time just waiting for the snowball to hit the bottom of the hill.

The only 50-50 I did yesterday, was considered by the system a win, and it was a “come back” for us. IE, the other team destroyed our sentry and we somehow managed to push back the enemy waves to their sentry while not taking a % of damage to our second sentry, and then during the last few minutes managed to destroy their sentry to reach 50-50.

I have no idea what is the determining factor to win in that case. Are you really sure it’s by average player score like you said?

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my friends and i have made lots of comebacks.

All i would say is you need to focus on your buildables! they are just such a major part in trying to keep control of the area your spider tank used to be.

Next you need to now focus the new type of minion thats now coming your way granting over shields to enemys and there minions. i would suggest at least 2 people (with range) who can pick off this minion that way the minion fights are balanced again.

You also need one person who can get the mercenary camps by themselves! (i find most characters are more than capable of this past lvl 3 it just takes abit of time) for the middle camp just keep an eye on it and attack when the enemy have done most of the damage to it and just steal it.

I would say you need at least 2 characters with good CC to keep the minion fight in lane pushing back.

Team fights best to fall back to where you have build-able supports to help pile on the damage

Failing all that have a sniper sneak round and snipe there spider :wink:

These are only the major tips i can think of for now. Just remember it will take some time to get used to the game.

Plus lots of characters need balancing tweaks.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

I agree that victory / loss by average player score is one of the must asinine conditions I’ve seen in a game and it “feels bad man”.

Added insult to the problem is that they don’t define how the hell “score” is calculated!

Score = 2pts for a kill. 1pt for an assist.

I’m sure there’s more to it than that. If not, please site your source.

Edit: Well, damn. Found a pretty compelling screenshot that shows what you said.

Yeh I thought there would be a lot more too it than that but nope score is based solely on kills/assists nothing else matters.

That’s really dumb. But it does make me feel a bit better.

Though, there is a small problem with it, imo, that assists can balloon one team’s score up. Each kill is potentially 4 assists (rare, I know).

So, if Team 1 has 10 kills and a total of 25 assists, that’s 45 points.
But if Team 2 has 15 kills and 10 assists, that’s only 40 points.

Team 1 would win, despite Team 2 doing a better job killing the enemy team.

There’s got to be a better way.

Yeh. I actually had that scenario yesterday. Had my first loss by average score. Our team had more kills and less deaths but lost out as the enemy had more assists. I would have been happy with a draw.

I’ve posted the thread below to discuss how else we could deal with ties.

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Yes that’s what is annoying. I keep my entire base built, apparently that doesn’t matter tho. Unless they start rewarding assists for the damage I do with turrets.

Honestly, I thought they did.
But I realize now, that it’s damage AFAIK. Damage from turrets goes on your stats, I believe

I just lost because from the very beginning we were playing 4 vs 5. How is that fair?

This is garbage, we had an AFK 3 mins in, still took out their first sentry and held them at mid but lost to avg player score.

Let us just have a sudden death team fight for the win, though if one player is missing a team member we will just add a bot or kick our the lowest scoring player from the other team. Nothing could go wrong with this idea so don’t poke any holes in it.

And immediately after posting this, got into a game where we straight up steamrolled their team the whole time, but only got their first sentry down. In the meantime one of their teammates snuck behind our zerg, hid in a weird corner and solo’d our mid sentry and then tried to keep doing the same to our last sentry. All game we dominated them but they dug in deep and we barely won 48-50 because of that one player. But when I looked at the overall score? They had 72 to our 70 because we had a lvl one sniper on our team who hit about 2% of the shots he took. If we hadn’t squeezed out those last two points, they would have won due to being able to hide and solo sentries, despite our total dominance in the contest… the avg score decider is seriously garbage. /rantover

I think, if there’s going to be a tiebreaker and not some sort of sudden death, experience would be good. Experience takes a lot of things into account (minions, kills, assists, deaths, buildables, indirectly rewards gathering shards because of buildables) and seems like a much better measure of overall performance than score.

But score is just terrible. Even just straight up counting kills might be better than using score. One weird thing about score is that a kill where your whole team helped (everyone gets an assist) is worth three times as many points as a 1v1 kill (no assist). That doesn’t really make any sense. But I think experience would be much better than either.