Loss by First blood

Had a game, lost 1st sentry early, came back killed theirs with 10 minutes left. Stalled until game ended. We lost because they got first blood. Even though we had 30 kills to their 13. Has anyone else had that crap happen yet? I don’t understand the logic deciding a tie that way


Yep. It’s not a good stat to use as a tiebreaker, imo.

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Honestly, this tie-breaker almost comes down to luck. T_T
Flip of a coin, like many other forum members said.
Now, you have to freaking hunt for the first blood in case there maaaay be a draw.

Two-Face approves of it though.

From my experience it considers who has the more leads in certain categories first.

Example: If the game times out at an even score, one team has most kills, least deaths, most assists, they will lose to the team that has dealt more damage, taken less damage, healed more, and focused objective more.

If there isn’t a winner decided through that, then it goes to first blood.

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That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work, but that part seems bugged, as I’ve won/lost matches regardless of “categories won”. I was granted a victory by stats won, yet the opposing team clearly won every category by a landslide.

I haven’t played much Incursion until changes to certain other modes that won’t be mentioned here pushed me in that direction but is it normal to just get an outright victory when an Incursion match ends in a tie. No victory by total stats or first blood or any of that. just straight up, no questions asked, victory. Had this happen last night in my team’s favor

I’ve been doing more PvE than PvP since the patch (gotta get those diamond ranks) so I haven’t had many chances to get screwed over by tie breakers yet. A group chat I’m in has complained about it a decent amount though.