"Loss by Number of Stats Won"

Did I just get penalized for not being able to push 1 point of damage onto the second sentry? I’ve never seen this result before. It seems kind of stupid for my team to suffer a loss just because we statistically did better than our opponents.

EDIT: Added the rest of the stats for those who are interested/requested. To avoid more clutter, I didn’t screenshot the Accelerators Destroyed and Supplies Destroyed stat because they were both 0 across the board.


What? That is so weird. @Jythri , was this intended, and if so, can you explain why? It seems wierd, and to be honest kinda heartbreaking.

It seems like you did not do statistically better than your opponents.

The correct question really, would be what statistics are counted. you may have got more kills and damage, but they probably built more things (which I’m assuming each section of buildables counts, more accelerators, turrets, etc) judging from team comp they probably got more heals as well. they really should not count buildables as a stat for this, though.

“haha we won!”
“dude, you died like 30 times”
“ya, but we built 10 accelerators and 12 turrets, so there!”

(FYI, each level of a building counts as a point in the stat)

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Well, I was in an incursion match and both of our Sentries were down but it was clear that we were winning . we had over 40 kills and the enemy team barely had 10. We lost because we didn’t get “first blood” that’s so stupid.

Di you have the rest of stats for that match to pull up? Would like to see them, then coment.

Also, note the mellka player. Had LOWEST DAMAGE ON TEAM. That is what happened. Why GBX? It seems so detrinmental to have a high risk, high reward character suddenly lose the reward.


I looked through all of the stats after the match. The only thing that they had an edge on us was on supply stations built and healing. We had the upper hand on every other part of the match. I would say that that is statistically better.

That’s the new tie breaker, but it seems bugged. You obviously won by the stats. I just “won” a match that we clearly lost. The enemy team beat us in all categories.

When I have time tomorrow, I’ll go through the match history and screenshot the other segments if you want me to.

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Thanks, would love to know everything. It is weird that you lose cause you don’t have a healer. Kinda feels bs.

Btw it was a 4v5 from the start

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Ok, this is some BS. GBX, why? This makes no sense. @Jythri, was this intended? I can live with loss by won stats till more is known, but loss by first blood is bs.

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Wow. That is absolutely atrocious. I really hope that GBX can shed some light on this. This new system is…different…

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This system (First-blood tiebreaker) has been in before the update. I guess it’s just getting more use now.

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It seems counter-productive to award a tie-breaker to the team that got first blood. All that encourages is a zerg play style on the off chance that the game ends up tied at the end

sidenote : never had that happen to me before, but i’d probably of laughed if this popped up :smirk:

I’ve seen it once in-game and have heard of it happening to others. It’s certainly a strange way to tie-break, that’s for sure.

Yep, this is stupid.

That’s not very constructive. What would be a better option? :slight_smile:


The old tie-breaker. It worked. Whatever they are doing now, clearly does not.

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It’s bugged and if a minion kills a sentry and they have someone who kills yours you will lose in a tie breaker regardless of winning on the rest of the stats