Loss of Credits

Started off today with circa 1,500,000,000 credits. After cashing in some loot my cash dropped to 7,626,915 !. Has anybody else seen this? I suspect a bug somewhere …either that or I have fallen victim to a super tax!

You can only have 99,999,999 showing. You can have more on a character but it only displays this max.

Are you sure you had a billion and a half to begin with?

If you have 99,999,999 showing then I guarantee you have more! I keep a keep a Hyperian Predatory Lending in my inventory specifically to monitor the money … its shown as ammunition when you have the gun in use.

Pick one up at The Droughts …the gun is pretty useless otherwise. If you are level 65, play at Mayhem level 10, play the Droughts for example, maximise the use homing grenades that produce large money and sell those level 10 drops you easily can pick up 10 to 20 million a go.


I . . . did not know this. I love it when I learn something new about the game!

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It’s possible that you have gone beyond the max money value. If money is stored as a signed 32-bit integer, then the max positive value is 2,147,483,647. If you go beyond that, it loops around and becomes negative. The game probably doesn’t know how to display that correctly.

Note: I don’t know for sure that money is a 32-bit value (I haven’t found a definitive source for that). Also going from 1.5B to over 2.1B in one session is a stretch, but I suppose it’s possible if you pick up and sell everything on M10/11.

I have raised the question of loss of credits with 2K support who in turn have raised it with Gearbox just in case there is a bug.

I did however during a couple of hours yesterday raise the credits from 7.6 million to 150 million … still a long way to go to get back to where I was.