Loss of Effects Audio

While playing Fight for Sanctuary, effects audio has stopped playing. Can still hear music and voice, just no effects (gun fire, opening chests, picking up loot). It works for a few minutes after starting but then suddenly quits a few minutes into game. I have restarted console but still have issue.

If you let me know what console you’re using, I can get you moved to the correct thread.

Poops. Sorry. XBox One.

Moved to the right spot. BTW if you reply via email, make sure you disable your signature before hitting send!

Anyway, not sure what’s going on with that, but it would be worth at least trying a full power reset (turn off, disconnect the brick from the wall, hold the power button, etc.) Might also be worth checking that the download did in fact complete, or whether there’s a part pending still.

Otherwise, all I can suggest is filing a support ticket.

FWIW I’ve played through the whole story and most of the side quests without issue, so whatever is causing your problem is not likely to be a game bug.