Loss of last Backpack Upgrade

Okay I was playing as Lady Hammerlock and recently I just purchased my last Backpack upgrade. Shortly after that I went to the grinder and tried my luck with grinding 3 purples, knowing full well that there is a chance of the game crashing. Sure enough it crashed but when I reloaded the character the upgrade didn’t stay and the backpack upgrade is no longer available for purchase. Is there any way anybody knows of to try to fix this or anybody that has had the same problem? It really isn’t a big deal I don’t think, it is only 3 items but sometimes those extra 3 items can come in handy.

There is a known bug with the last two tiers of backpack and bank storage upgrades (150 and 200) moonstone) where they will disappear after purchasing them. Gearbox have said that a future update will fix that issue, at which time folks will get their storage back without having to repurchase it, but will probably lose whatever was in the slots when they vanished.

There’s supposed to be a hotfix to prevent players from accidentally purchasing the affected upgrades. Not sure how that is supposed to work - I’m still seeing them in Crazy Earl’s regardless; I’m just not going to try buying them.

Hopefully we can get an update on when the next update might be - how about it @joekgbx?

Thank you, I’ll just refrain from buying them for now as well, do you know if it effects ammo SDUs as well. And I am real patient when it comes to fixes because I know that if they don’t look over stuff good a fix can add more problems.

Apparently not - I remember someone else saying they’d bought them ok. According to the “known problems” list it’s just the backpack and bank.

Okay, that does make kind of sense though, the problem is with ones that actually holds items that can change not a constant variable.