Loss of Shift Keys, Badass Rank, Costumes

(yamilquijano) #1

Like the tittle says, I lost all my progress obtained in Ranks and Costumes, also lost around 200 Shift Keys. I have been playing normally around 2 years, in Local Co-op, and this is the first time it happen to me. It happened after a failure attempt to connect/download the data from servers in the first try. I did notice first the problem when my Options and Control Layout were restored to default.

Is there a way to restore the progress obtained until now?

I want to restore it, since I’m a big fan of the game. I have spent countless hours in the game, playing with my sister. Hoping that there is a solution to it.


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Unfortunately this happens when the game’s player profile file gets corrupted. Gearbox support can help you with some things, but not all of them unfortunately. You can file a a ticket here (but note that a response may be slow in coming because of the July 4th holiday):


If you played on 360 before switching to XB1 and still have your old console, you can re-upload the saves to the XB1 (save each one “as new” rather than over-writing - you may want to change character names first to avoid confusion) and you’ll get at least some heads, skins, and BAR restored.

(yamilquijano) #3

Thanks! I will wait then for a response from the ticket submitted.

Answering your question, since my first time playing the game was on XboxOne, i don’t have an old console’s save data.

Question: Should I wait to see if my BAR, skins and keys can be restored before playing again, or can I still play without affecting the outcome of the recovery process?

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I’d suggest taking a screen-shot of your BAR and the inventory tab that shows your keys count, and then carry on. You may want to try loading each of your saves in turn and starting a session before save-quitting, just to see if anything can be salvaged that way.

Once you’ve heard back from support, if there’s anything you are still missing that you’d really like to try and get back, post in the XB1 On-line Play & Trading section. People around here are generally willing to help out someone who got bitten by this particular glitch.

(yamilquijano) #5

Thanks for the suggestion! Already did the screenshot for the Ticket submission. At least I have all my weapons so no problem in that area. Also my sister have like 200 keys, and she is willing to share it via coop play. The only thing that kind got me is the BAR and some exclusive Shift’ skins. I will be updating as we work with the solution. Again, thanks!

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I too had this issue happen to me yesterday. I entered a series of codes and all total got 53 keys as well as the machine sniper I then went to Concordia to take the keys out and the sniper. I test fired the sniper and added it to my equipment of gear 1 of the 4 slots. I never used the keys and then I switched over to Netflix. Then i get back on later today and it’s all gone the keys say 0 the gun wasn’t in my gear. An older gun took its place I checked the box nothing there I log out to main menu check my rewards it shows the keys I entered in as well as the machine sniper I put the code in for and no matter what I do it won’t. Give me the keys back. I did submit a ticket earlier today

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Not sure if this applies to you or not but: One thing you need to do is make sure you save-quit from your game if you’re not actively playing, and wait for the save to finish. Otherwise the risk of file corruption (or the game being force-quit without saving) goes up. (I know some folks just leave their game running the whole time.)

Regardless of the reasons, you’ll need to file a ticket - link is in the second post in the thread.

(yamilquijano) #8

After a week of contacting 2K Support, I have recovered all my lost things! Thanks for the service that Gearbox and 2K , the Custome Service was an excellent service, 10/10!.

So for anyone with the same problem, try to contact them for a rapid an efficient solution. Thanks to all!