Loss of Sound and Subtitles After Exiting Bus

I get sound and subtitles when Marcus and Angel talk on the bus, but as soon as I exit, I lose both.

The oddest part is the loss of subtitles. It makes me think it’s just the game.

Has anyone else had this problem, and if you have, how’d you fix it?

I already validated the files. You know, that process that takes longer than downloading the entire game.

Same problem has been observed for this and other Borderlands games. Check your sound settings and any 3rd party apps that offer “enhanced audio”, streaming, etc. It’s possible that such a program has effectively hijacked the game audio - should be stereo mix out iirc?

I’ve also tried the issue people have had with MSI laptops, as that’s what I’ve got.

The thing is, as I stated in the OP, there are no subtitles past the bus exit. How could any sound conflicts affect subtitles?