Lost 111 Golden Keys The Handsome Collection Borderlands 2(PS4)

I had 80 golden keys, but then i reedemed 111 to get a total of a 191 golden keys, i check and the keys keys were there, then i turn off my ps4 to get some food, then i returnt, turn on the ps4 to play more bl2, then when i check i only have the 80 keys , I’ve Lost 111 Golden keys

What to do now ?

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Had you fully quit the game before turning off the PS4, and do you have cloud sync enabled?

You’ll need to file a support ticket to get assistance with the missing keys. Hopefully the folks there can help get you sorted.

yes i fully quit and turn off , and i have cloud enabled

it was a vey weird thing that happened to me, and i already do a support ticket, and if i tried to put the code again it says "Code has already been redeemed.

I’ve unfortunately seen too many reports of this happening - it’s almost like the PS4 version of the game eats Golden Keys for some bizarre reason. Hopefully, the more data the support crew get on this, the easier it will be to find a permanent fix.

still no replying from them
how long it takes from them to respond ?

It varies, depending on ticket volume. With the launch of the 5th DLC Sunday I imagine they’re pretty busy - the tech support sections here certainly lit up. Just check that you at least received the auto-reply with the ticket number. If you don’t have it in your in-box, check your spam folder and make sure you white list the sender.

Good luck!

do you think it will be possible to get the keys back ?

In the past, they’ve been able to issue replacement keys. You may need to provide various proofs (screensshots and account info).

Just a quick update, the golden keys returned to me, my problem got fixed.

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I don’t know if anyone on here can help me but I redeemed 15 golden keys recently and I still only have my 75 keys. I should have 90 but they won’t show in the game.

They weren’t expired because my sister used the same codes the same day as me and her keys were added (she now has 90).

I tried contacting support but it’s been 3 days and they haven’t replied. I don’t know what else to do.

Which game? If it’s TPS you need to collect them from the vending machine next to the entrance to the Meriff’s Office.

Did you at least get an auto-reply with a ticket number? You may want to check your spam folder as well, just in case something got misdirected.

I did get a auto reply ticket number. I’d at least like to know how long does it usually take for them to respond.

Usually about a day; judging by the number of posts here since the new DLC dropped, I’d guess they got slammed pretty hard and it may take a bit longer. Hopefully you’ll hear from them very soon though.

Redeemed all the shift keys available to actually redeem on borderlands 2 on ps4 through the website. In game it says I have redeemed all the items on the rewards page. All the skins an heads are available but I am missing like 200 or so keys. Only actually received 50 Keys. Any body know why or what I need to do

If the total number of keys displayed in-game in your inventory (BAR tab) is > 200, it may just be the issue where the game can’t display a value grater than 255. Spending keys would eventually cause the displayed total to be readjusted.

If you had started from zero and added codes for 200 or so, you should see that number reflected in game. If it’s only reading 50, it’s likely a similar issue to the above posts, and you will either need to wait (and use keys) to see if it self-corrects, or file a support ticket (link should be in one of the replies above.)

I have used 11 an the number hasn’t corrected itself just says 39 now. I have filed a support ticket. Thanks for the reply

Who needs that many golden keys? I have something like 50, they’ll never be used, just a load of hot garbage in the chests. What on earth are you going to do with 200 golden keys?

They’re alright in BL1 I guess being as you get legendaries, but they’re useless in BL2 unless you’re in dire need of cash, and you can get more and faster just by farming the snowman a few times.

Happy you got them back, I just can’t imagine what you’re going to do with them all. Stand there 200 times, occasionally running back and forth to a vending machine to sell them all? Within two deaths you’ll have lost all the cash it took an age to build up (I’m losing about 6m per death now because I’ve so much useless currency from selling legendaries)

Genuine question btw, I’m not flaming, if there is indeed a legitimate reason to want so many keys I’m interested to find out.