Lost $120! When you removed BL3 from Geforce Now! Thanks 2K

So recently i got into Borderlands 3 because it was available thru NVIDIA Geforce Now which is a cloud gaming platform. Sense i dont have A strong enough PC to run the game. So cloud gaming was my only option & i was really hooked into it after purchasing Digital Deluxe Edition. Few weeks later it got pulled from Geforce Now & lost over 700 hours of progress & my Moze Character. Because you guys told NVIDIA to remove it. I want to request to add Borderlands 3 back to Geforce Now because i literally lost $120 when you did that. Im really frustrated about it because all NVIDIA Geforce Now was is me paying NVIDIA to renting there machine that was powerful enough to run the game. An that was it there was nothing else wrong with it.

Bring the game back to Geforce Now so i can continue to play the game until i can afford a actual PC. You lost more than me because i wasn’t the only one that was playing it on Geforce Now there was a bunch of other players too. Y’all pretty much screwed us & we want it back.

Unfortunately this seems to be a decision made by 2K, and not Gearbox. You’d probably be better off adding your complaints to the thread on the 2K forums about this, as it’s ultimately their call.

It sucks, it shouldn’t have been done, but I do think going to 2K is the best way to try and get this addressed.
I know it’s not what you’ll want to hear, but if it’s the entire 2K catalogue removed it’s highly likely a publisher decision, not individual developers.