Lost a legendary shield

I had a cool legendary shield already, but picked up one that does radiation damage by being near enemies. I didn’t want it, but my husband who is split screening with me did. I dropped the item on the floor in sanctuary and it disappeared. 🤦 Also having issues with frame rate drops while playing, lag while in inventory, there’s a bug with weapon text boxes (item summary) staying on the screen until you hit the back button, occasionally the game with freeze and make an awful noise. Just hoping to help Gearbox out by posting some issues I’ve had.

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Yup my brother and I are experiencing all of these issues aswell! & Makes you feel any better the floor in sanctuary ate my shield aswell lol

Also on the side note careful of using your bank my brother lost 40+ items this morning trying to access it. I submitted a ticket to support but no response yet.

There’s obviously a lot of bugs going around right now and most of them I can put up with but with bank items now disappearing my brother and I just decided to stop playing until Gearbox addresses the issues at hand.

Yea I was dropping off gear to mules and I noticed so went straight through

Same here dropped a legendary shield and it disappeared in sanctuary last night

I used a golden key and recieved a legendary shield I went to grab mynpione to snap a picture to show my boyfriend and when the chest spit out my loot the legendary shield disappeared very pissed.

I as well lost all my bank items. All legendaries mind you. Pretty pissed.

Also have split screen xp issues. Husband is about half a level ahead of me in xp and guardian ranks. We started at the same time.

It started to happen to me last couple of days. Dropped a few legendary items on the floor in Sanctuary & within 20 seconds half of them had just upped and disappeared. Live & learn but still very annoying