Lost account linked Valuables! (Cosmetics/Skins/DLCs/Keys!)

As I was playing about 30 minutes ago my PSU gave out briefly and my PC shutdown. I relaunched to see the damage. Upon reboot, the Epic Games launcher asked if I want to upload my local files (which were newer) or download them from the cloud. I just to upload them from the computer. When I got in game I had to reset to default settings. When entering the game I realized that I had lost a lot of stuff. My bank had been completely reset, and I lost 28 items inside of it. I lost all my cosmetics (weapon skins, head gear, skins, including the DLC items!!!) and the golden keys I was saving up to use at higher levels. Is there anything that can be done to reclaim these?

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Furthermore, the stuff I have equipped on my character doesn’t even show up at the quick change station.

similar issue here. didnt have a game crash, but all found heads, skins, themes and Golden Keys vanished overnight.

Same here. My game crashed and when I logged… Bum! No cosmetics and keys. I lost the desire and hype to play. Fix this, gearbox.

seems like its the cloud sync problem we are having, you might wanna look here Completely Lost Save File