Lost all customization items and guardian ranks

I lost all my skins, head, etc for all characters as well as my guardian ranks after losing power while playing in a friends game. I launched the game from the EGS and used my local files at which point the game informed me that a save was corrupt and asked me if I wanted to use default settings. I could not decline this option and after I accepted I found all my characters at the same level and all my gear intact. I lost around 60 Guardian levels and lots of customization items. Can anyone help me out here?

Turns out I also lost all upgrades to my bank and lost loot SDU’s and yeah, that means I lost everything stored in my bank. Something around 40 legendary weapons…

Same exact th8ng happened to me. I’m on Xbox and just logged in to find that message and after loading into the game I figured out that I lost all of that. I already submitted a ticket to the support. Really hope this gets fixed. I put almost 100 hours into this account. Really makes me not want to play this game anymore.

how do you submit for support on xbox

Can’t remember exactly how I did it but just search up “borderlands 3 Xbox support ticket” or something along those lines.

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