Lost all my badass rank heads skins and even stash

Just got on pre seqal and everythings been reset :’(


Sounds like your profile data file got either erased or corrupted. First thing I’d do would be to a full power reset (turn off then pull the plug from the wall to drain the PSU, wait 15 secs, then restart) to clear any corrupted cache data.

If that doesn’t work, you could try doing the XBox factory reset option that leaves your games and apps on the drive - you’d still need to add your profile back to the console after it was done, and let the system re-sync your data. This assumes that all your files were in sync with the XB1 cloud storage - if you’d been playing any games in off-line mode, you’d lose whatever progress you’d made since the last cloud sync.

Alternatively, you can file a support ticket with gearbox. They won’t be able to restore your profile data, but they may be able to get you some keys at least.


Got the same issue .File a ticket .No responce .All started after HD upgrade on xbox

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Sorry to hear you had problems. Unfortunately, the support desk is extremely busy right now, so it may take a few days for them to respond in person.

This is the responce from 2k support.Hope it will help others with similar problem” Hiya Vault Hunter!

Thanks for reaching out to 2K Support here on Pandora!

I’m sorry to hear some of your items are missing from your inventory. Don’t fret! I’ll do everything in my power to assist you!

Okay minion, first I want you to please visit this support article…psst this is a link! to learn about performing a cache clear on your console, as this is a common solution to many issues our customer’s experience.

If that didn’t work, I would need the following information from you:

  • A list of items that you’re missing:
  • The email address associated with your SHiFT account:
  • You SHiFT Support ID. To get your ID: launch your Borderlands game > select “Extra” > select “SHiFT Code” > press “Y/Triangle/F1” > your ID should be displayed on screen:

With this information, I will be able to escalate your case to the appropriate department for further assistance.

Have a lovely afternoon, and thank you for using Hyperion Robot Services. Let me know if you have any other portal-rific needs!

See you on Pandora!”

Yeah. Same thing happen to me. I sent them a support ticket since April 19. I am still waiting for them to do something about my badass ranks, golden keys, etc.

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Thats what happened to me. Apr 15th since my progress wipe, and still no action from support. They only care b4 they get your money. Bethesda, EA, R*, and now 2k, they have fallen into the pit. Legendarys in BL3 is probably microtransactions only.

I got some SHiFt codes back and the ticket got closed.I started the game all over again.

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