Lost all my campaign progress!

I lost ALL my campaign progress due to broken matchmaking!

I’m level 28, played a lot in single player mode. Then on a mission when you have to retrieve the second vault key fragment I launched matchmaking and dropped almost immediately after the game was found - turns out it was too far ahead in the story.

So I returned to the title screen and continued the campaign in single player. And the game was loaded at the beginning of a very first mission! There are no quests that I had, no completed quests, no unlocked planets, NOTHING. I’m basically level 28 character at the very beginning of the game!

I played few mission and nothing has changed!

Reladed the game

Joined other game sessions in coop.


This is just outrageous! My played ID is Sitael88. Fix this!

Before you fully load into the game try to switch between ‘Normal’ and ‘TVHM’ (kinda like switching characters) and see if you are perhaps in TVHM on accident.

At least I think the game accidently flagging you as TVHM enabled is more likely than fully reseting your normal mode.

Also are you using cloud saves? Those are buggy as hell and can cause progress loss.

@Silben Unfortunately I haven’t finished the campaign yet, so I don’t have an access to the TVHM, it’s still Normal.

I use local saves and cloud saves backup but the issue is not with save files as I don’t lose any character progress or any items. In my Character information screen, I can see that my current campaign mission is ‘Gone rogue’. So this problem is definitely on the server-side.

Actually it’s not, because there are no server-side saves - all saves are local on your machine, and sync’d to/from the cloud (if enabled on your platform) at the beginning and end of a session.

Your best bet would be to see if you can revert to an earlier version of the save for that character - do you have local backups, or Windows incremental backup enabled?

Failing that, look in the game saves folder and see if there’s a version of your current save file with something like .tmp stuck on the end of the name. If there is, you can try making a backup of everything in that folder, then renaming the current .tmp to just .sav and restarting.


No, it’s not the save issue. I opened my save file in the editor and there is a valid status of my progress, including the Gone Rogue quest line and all its missions such as Go to Ambermire which was the last mission I’ve played solo.

So the problem is how the game handles player progression. It’s a complete mess.

Gearbox support, do you have any suggestions on how to fix this? I’ve played for almost 30 hours and I’m not going to start over. This will be my last Gearbox game that I bought unless you help me solve this problem.

Yeah, and one more important thing.

My progress isn’t saved from now on. I’ve played through Chapter 1 expecting that the game will eventually ask me to rewind to my previous progress. But this didn’t happen. When I restarted the game and pressed Play, I was again loaded in the very first mission of the game.

Check the permissions on both the save file and the enclosing folders - if it’s not saving progress, then maybe the permissions somehow got changed to read-only?

Note that the game does some save file manipulation when you enter/leave a co-op session, although I’m not entirely clear on what that is. There have also been incidences of a person’s AV/antimalware software locking save files/folders when the game is played on-line

Otherwise, to get a response from GBX support you will need to file an official support ticket

there should be a . tmp save in ur PC game folder, u can use it to overwrite the corrupted save file, like 2.save from .2.xxxxx. tmp, but first, make a copy of the .tmp save in other location, then deleted the corrupted save, like 2.save about, just check what the number of the tmp save is, just deleted any save file that like the number of the tmp save . then remove the .tmp. the campaign or corrupted progress will recover

if it had recovered, deleted the tmp save file

p.s . the number of tmp save file is just related to the character , so if it is first role, it will be 1.xxxxxx, tmp, second character it will be 2. xxxxxx. tmp, and so on , the 99th character, it will be 99.xxxxxxxx. tmp :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: