Lost all my golden keys - BL1

I had about 49 keys and I was dashboarding for a good mission reward and now all my keys are gone
Also my settings were set back to default

Sounds like you exited the game just as it was updating your profile information. Unfortunately, I don’t know if there’s much that can be done about that. Your best bet at this point would be the support desk:


It may take a couple of days to get a human response right now - they are a little busier than normal!


Your profile.bin probably got corrupted, it saves data across all saved games you have. Backup your current profile.bin and delete it. Backup your other save files too just for safety. When lauching the game, it’ll probably generate a new profile.bin with all 75 keys. I’m not sure if you’ll lose any other data by doing it, as things like bank storage are not shared across characters in BL1. But your profile just got corrupted anyway so give it a shot.


Thank you, I was just planning on using a few around level 40-50 but I can just grind

How can one acquire these keys in the game? From BL2?

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EDIT: @Mark_Levinson

If you played the Handsome Collection on a current gen console on the User Profile you are playing Borderlands Enhanced GOTY Edition with, you will start with 75 Golden Keys.

I had used 35 of mine before they fixed the multiplayer connectivity issue a week after Enhanced release, and, immediately after my first Enhanced multiplayer session, I lost all remaining Golden Keys.

I have since been embroiled in a 3 week back and forth with Gearbox Support in an attempt to get them back.

If you need some keys immediately, there are currently 4 SHIFT codes out there which will reward you 5 Golden Keys each.

Details here:

Oh I see. I got the Handsome Collection edition online a couple of weeks ago but I only got 1 key. Is the 75 key deal only for the physical version of the game?

You get 1 key in HC for creating a SHiFT account as I recall. There were various bonuses including keys when Handsome Collection was launched on console (not sure what the status is with HC on PC because that came much later and is not quite the same thing.)

There’s also a bonus 75 keys in BL1 GOTY Remaster if, when you launch it and sign in to SHIFT for the first time, you had previously played BL2 or TPS while signed in to SHIFT on the same platform, as described in the link I already posted.

If you only played BL2 after launching BL1 GOTY Remaster, I don’t think you’d get the keys? You certainly wouldn’t if the games were on different platforms.


I bought BL2 the vault hunter’s edition with the chest like 7 years ago so I must’ve gotten the keys then when I first created a Shift account. Makes sense now, thanks!

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