Lost all my Golden Keys

Hello everyone.

So I had an issue I just went to my shift code station and redeemed my 80 or so golden keys, 100 moon stones and loyalty rewards. We had a power outage and when I went back into the game my character was 1 level lower than she previously was (obviously because recent save hadn’t registered my increase in level) and all my golden keys were gone, moonstones and loyalty rewards. Is there any way I can recover these or is that it they’re gone?

Any help is appreciated thankyou

recommend you submit a support ticket to Gearbox

Sorry to hear that happened. Use this link to contact support : https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/anonymous_requests/new

Let them know what happened and what you are missing and they should help you out.

I know it’s a 4 year old post but I have the same problem. I had a power outage and when I went in game later, I had only 11 keys so I quit and restarted the game and it said that I had 93 keys. I had about 230 keys before the outage.
Did you get your keys back?

You’ll need to file a support ticket for assistance.

Locking this to avoid further necromancy. If you have the same problem, please check the relevant Tech Support category for your platform, or simply use the link provided to contact support directly.