Lost all my OP levels

So yesterday I got up to OP8, and today when I got on, I was not able to use any of my gear, as the game said I was not OP8. I’ve put quite some time into this game but have never had this happen to me, anybody have an idea as to what happened? Cause’ I’m kinda screwed right now with no usable weapons.

It been a day and I still don’t have my OP levels back which has left me unable to play, as I cannot use any of my weapons. Please help people, this is ruining my game experience!

were eyou doing any glitches regarding your badass rank or OP levels?

If so its your own fault

Nope, no glitches. I reset my playthrough and then I was locked out of all of my gear. Now I’m stuck in liarsburg with no usable gear…

Don’t have an answer but thank you for pointing it out. I was about to reset my progress on my OP8 guy but I think I’ll hold off now.

That sounds terrible.
Not sure how that happened, because
I reset UVHM on my Maya and I was able to play through with all my OP8 gear.
Maybe I lucked out, but I’m guessing there is an alternative explanation.
Regardless, that really, really sucks :confused: sorry to hear

He power leveled. When you power level and complete the OP levels, as soon as you trigger a playthru reset (whether by manual reset, or a trigger such as killing the Warrior), you lose the OP progress that was done. The OP levels only become permanent after going thru the Normal/TVHM/UVHM playthru triggers.


yup. although you just need to unlock (or start uvhm). don’t actually need to complete it.

btw you still want op help(?)

I just lost my OP levels as well. I did UVHM legit, no glitches or power leveling. My friend and I did OP levels all legit, and tonight I was going to help a level 60 friend of mine. He was in his game and I went to join him to farm Terramorphis. We did that for like an hour, but when I went back to my game all my guns were in my back pack, and I noticed that I could no longer select my OP levels. My game is acting like I didn’t do the OP levels and of course my cloud save is way back at level 63. Anyway, has anyone had this issue and gotten it fixed? I can do the OP levels again with my friends, but I really didn’t want to do that again. Thanks for any help in the matter.

So I was on OP7 and decided to help my friends with the game and did some dlc with them in normal mode and the next day (today) I lost all my OP levels. the game didn’t ask what OP mode I wanted to launch and I had nearly no gear to use. so I’m not sure if this can be fixed or not but if there is a way I’d love to know.

Completed OP 4 last night with a random player, turned the mission in successfully.
Saved & quit, then at the continue screen I could only select OP 3.

I lost 7 op levels after playing legit and I’ve contacted support and they ignore me how can I make sure my op saves and how can I power level safely?

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