Lost all my stuff. Help?

So recently i for some reason lost my 2 level 72 OP8 Characters on PS4.
So now i’m wondering , is there anyone who could help me level up a bit and maybe donate some weapons? Would be really appreciated.

My psn is : xGryki
Send me a message if you’re up to help me.

Thank you all in advance

Did you import them from PS3? Because you may just be able to transfer them over again… you’d still lose out on any loot and thins you may have done since, but better than starting completely over.

Yes i did. I was playing on them a lil while ago and i turned my ps4 off to go somewhere and when i came back it showed me an error and everything was gone

I’m on the XBox, but I had the same thing happen. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and all of my characters came back.