Lost All Progress On PS4, no online ps plus save game found either

So i played the game around 2 years ago on ps4 (played the hell out of it) and i signed up for shift and all that, but i redownloaded it yesterday, even though its downloaded enough to run the game (can’t play online just yet because it isnt completely downloaded) i lost all my progress.

Is there a way to get it back through shift? or will it show up after it is fully downloaded.

Depends on exactly what the error message was. If, for example, your character had acquired DLC-specific items but the DLC was not yet installed, the game wouldn’t let you load that save. In that case, you should get a message saying “Save can’t be loaded because blah blah unlicensed content” (or something like that). I’d definitely wait for the download to complete before trying again. If there’s still a problem, and you’re able to verify that the save files are still on the system, then contact support. Hopefully PS4 isn’t like XB1 where it’s all too easy to accidentally delete saves from both local AND cloud storage.