Lost all progress on TVHM after loading in solo next day

Hello. So far on Borderlands 3 I have exclusively played every mission with my 2 friends and we’ve never progressed in the game without being in the same session. Yesterday we all began TVHM at the same time starting from the initial mission and progressed through 10+ hours of the story missions until we all decided to get off. This morning I woke up and none of my friends were awake yet so I decided I’d start the game and mess with my cosmetics because I was bored. When I attempted to load TVHM, it loaded me in at the first mission with no progress yet I was still the same level and had all my gear that we spent hours grinding for the previous day. Is there any way to fix this because I’d be devastated if all of that progress I worked on with my friends in TVHM is just completely gone. For what it’s worth, my Normal (first play through) save seems to be fine/untouched. Somebody please help me. :frowning:

While I do not have an answer I would like to +1 this. I played thru normal entirely with one friend and when we beat it we unlocked TVHM. We beat that last mission and split up to farm seperately, however when I went to my game it out me in the first mission like I’d never done anything :(. As we just beat the game it’s really sadface to have to run the WHOLE game again.

samething happened to me. we’ve only played strictly when we’re together. never progressed any further without each other. yet when i tried to farm alone today, it’s telling me to start over from the beginning. we’ve played hours and hours into tvhm already, yet i have to start over…? this makes no sense :frowning:

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Don’t you love a good $60 game that you can’t play without worrying about losing all your progress? Good times.

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And the reverfying of files on a constant basis on a launcher that is barebones yeah really good times!
This game was not ready for the masses in this current state.