Lost all progression

So I beat the game and lost all progression. I’m the whole way back to the beginning. Who do I talk to
and how do I fix this? I’m not on true vault hunter mode btw.

If you hit the “Select Character” button at the main menu (it’s Y on XBox, not sure what that is on PS), do you see your character listed at all?

Yes. I lost all story progression as I’m back to the beginning even though I beat the story.

My best guess as to what’s happened is that something interrupted the last save operation resulting in file corruption. (Power drop-out, force-quitting the game, crash to console home screen, etc.)

I believe BL3 works in a similar fashion to BL2, which kept a back-up save file in case the main save was corrupted; unfortunately - at least in BL2 - this can get seriously out of sync with the primary save if you only play the same save/mode.

If that is indeed what has happened, there’s not a lot you can do unless you also happened to have cloud sync enabled (not sure how that works on PS4 - I’m on the other console). Even that requires that the low-progress file hasn’t been sync’d as the replacement save. Wish I could tell you otherwise, but if the only save file you have access to is the one with minimal progress and you didn’t make any local backups to external media. you are likely out of luck.

I was messing around with mayhem mode and it happened.