Lost all story, character unlock progression

I lost all story progression, character unlocks, everything! Last time i quit from the game seemingly normally, without any errors or problems, next time i see this screen:

So, my command rank is left untouched, but everything else is cleared. I think i dont want to start all over again… :frowning:
Any tips to fix this maybe?

OMG! So sad, contact support, this just has to be an Inventory Server database error.

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It sounds like your game save got corrupted or deleted.

Easiest solution is to just play through the Prologue again, once you do that everything will be unlocked.

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Thanks, i try!

Thank you very much! After i done the prologue mission, i get back all my unlocks again! A bit weird but not a big deal if the solution is relatively easy. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Glad you got your progress back. I would suggest filing a support ticket anyway, just in case. I’ve seen a few people post with the same problem, so the more data GBX have on the issue, the more likely they will be able to figure out how to stop it from happening at all.