Lost all vehicle and character skins as well as heads

I tried joining a friends game last night in the Nexus area along with 2 other friends. All of us experienced an xbox 360 game freeze during the loading screen multiple times. After the host left the Nexus, we were able to join but I discovered that all of my skins and character heads had been lost. Is there any way to fix this or replace what I have missing? As far as I know, some of these heads were one time acquisition items via shift code, such as the valentine’s day, xmas, and thanksgiving heads and skins.

File a ticket with support stating exactly what happened. They’ll be able to restore some of your stuff, but not all of it. I’d suggest you also check your BAR stats, your bank contents, and the stash contents before contacting them, as the missing skins and heads may not be your only issue. (Sorry, but unfortunately this can happen.)

You can find a link to file a ticket starting from this page:

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