Lost all zero ninja set

Joined a random game that took ages to load, when i joined my guns didnt load in and the guy had like 100 cradle shields on the floor i left and all my equiped gear was still gone. The stuff i care about is zeros ninja set since its the only reason i still play the game and this stuff took me ages to get.

All OP8 GROUNDED hide of terra shield chain lighting bladed grog nozzle slag rapier and legend ninja class mod. If anyone can sort me out with this stuff in one trade ill make it worth while i have almost every item including the hard to get ones like shock twister.
Gamertag BigBossCQC

this is a big if!!!

if you still have your 360 (assuming you had one and transferred over to XB 1 from the 360) you can transfer your Zero over again from the Xbox 1. if not I’ll look and see what I have or maybe @Kurtdawg13 can help as he is also a collector of fine Gear.

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Should @LunaticOne and @Kurtdawg13 not be able to help you I have some good Zer0 gear.

GT: barbrouge391

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Thanks ill be on ina hour. And no backups on 360

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@LunaticOne is correct. I do collect and may have what you’re looking for. I’d have to check my mules. :wink:

@barbrouge391 is much like myself, maybe even a bit more thorough in his collection. If Barb can’t help, I most likely can. my GT: Kurtdawg13

I’d imagine Barbrouge will be able to help. He’s very helpful and friendly. :innocent:

Barb hooked me up😁


I knew he would. he’s cool like that. :wink:

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