Lost and Found is Universal?

Just finished running Katagawa farming, got a Legendary mod for Moze so I banked it and swapped over to her to get it out right away and save it for when I hit 50 on her (12 atm) but when I checked the Lost and Found with Moze, a crap ton of 50s purples came out from all I’d left from farming Katagawa on Amara. Made a ton of cash with Moze with them, wondering if that’s supposed to be universal across characters though?

It is already full so the legendary did not save. Clear it everytime you went to sanctuary

Nah the mod I banked, that was never the issue.

Yes the lost loot is shared.

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The lost loot also retrieves anything that glitches through the map, so if you are unlucky like my uncle and drop a legendary class mod to show your friends, and it decides to clip through the map you will be able to find it in the lost loot.

This happened in Eden 6, GENIVIV boss room near the fast travel, clipped through the floor near the drain.