Lost Backpack Items

So I was playing TPS and randomly checked my backpack when i noticed everything that wasn’t equipped had disappeared. I googled around and read that it could be due to a bug when you purchase a backpack sdu upgrade from earl. I more or less want to know if that’s likely the issue so I can be careful whenever i decide to upgrade my backpack slots again.

If you have the most recent update (March 24th), the Crazy Earl backpack bug should be fixed. Also note that this only applied to the last two upgrades (raising your storage to 36 and 39, respectively), and you would have only lost what was in those slots i.e. should still have everything in slots 1-33.

I’ve seen reports of people losing their entire backpack contents, as well as heads & skins etc., although this seems to be related to joining on-line games iirc, and is fairly rare. I’ve also seen reports of odd behaviour when the sort order for displaying the items got changed, so you could try toggling that to see if it makes any difference.

Otherwise, your best bet is to file a support ticket. There should be instructions in a sticky in the tech support section for your platform.

You didn’t accidentally hit the sell-all button at a vendor, did you? On the Xbox, it’s ‘Y’.

God damn if I did not do this twice today. Just dashboard if this ever happens.

Yes, this is a new gotcha in TPS. I think it’s poor design. You have to actively pull each item in your inventory out of the sell-all pile (by starring it). It would work better if certain things were starred by default:

  • Pulling an item out of the bank–if it’s there you meant to keep it
  • Pulling an item out of the stash–same thing
  • Buying an item (at least item of the day)–why would you buy it just to resell it?

But it’s still the wrong paradigm. As it stands, the game assumes everything you have unequipped is junk. You need to tell it what isn’t.