Lost Badass points for the 3rd time!

Chad over 150,000 badass rank this time @ dont remember what I had the 2 times before but I’m sure it was over 100k both times! So I lose the internet for just a moment, reestablish and lose all my badass rank…WTF! Is there a way to get them back?

Depends on your platform. If you have cloud sync enabled on your platform, the trick would be to yank the internet connection asap, force quit the game, delete the local files, and then reconnect and restore from cloud. If the corrupted profile.bin gets sync’d back to the cloud, though, there’s not a whole lot you can do.

On XB1/PS4, if you still have access to original 360/PS3 saves, you can re-import all your old characters and rebuild that way.

If you’re on PS4/PC, it’s always good policy to make regular backups of everything for yourself, just in case this happens.

You can also file a support ticket for assistance.

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Thanks for reply…that’s what I did,loaded an old cloud save.Was able to reclaim 100k

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