Lost BAR and skins! [PS4]

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Hey there, I’ve been introducing my wife to Borderlands 2 and we’ve been really getting into it. Both hit level 50 in tvhm. But I check this morning and all of her skins and badass rank just disappeared and it’s very disheartening! What happened? Is there any way to restore these?

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Hey there @BrandoM1337 - got you moved to the right support section for PS4.

Unfortunately, what you described is a known issue with BL2 that can rear its ugly head from time to time. The immediate cause is that your wife’s profile data file for the game is likely corrupted. This happens when something interrupts a file update, such as signing out or turning off the console during a save.

Your best bet at this point (unless you had a full backup of your game saves and profile) is for your wife to file a support ticket with Gearbox:


I had the same thing happen to me on XB1 once. I was able to get back a good portion of stuff by re-importing my old 360 saves (good job I kept that thing around!). I don’t know if that’s the same case for you guys - if you’d previously played on PS3 and still have those saves, you may be able to do the same.

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Hmm, this is unfortunate. The only thing I might recommend is hovering over the game and when you press the “options” button select “upload/download saved data” and click “download all.” This will download any saved data that may have been uploaded if you have automatic data upload to the cloud turned on. There’s a chance that nothing will be there but on the same side of the coin, there’s a chance that you can retrieve all your stuff. If that doesn’t work, there still may be a way to retrieve BAR. If you have a Gearbox SHiFT account you can sign in then sign out and back in and this should refund all BAR tokens that were earned legitimately. I hope this helps and let us know if you ever get anything back :slight_smile:

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Is the other account a guest account? It will not save it if it is a guest account.

Badass ranks and skins is save in the profile, my bet is it was accidentaly deleted or something. Try logging in psn The account your better half uses and it might sync the profile back.

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It was a guest account that was registered to psn after everything was lost. That’s unfortunate, there’s no way to retroactively restore badass rank based off of mission achievements?

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I dont think so. Try creating a separate account if you will play split screen next time.