Lost character and progress


as I started the game today my character (lvl 17 siren) was gone, instead there was a lvl 11 fl4k and a lvl 5 zane which I never created. There is no other person that has access to my computer and there is no other person that has access to my epic game launcher account.

Ive read about players that lost level progress and story progress but I found no one who lost a whole character.

Epic doesnt answer my ticket. Is there anybody who experienced the same issue. Maybe theres a fix for this.

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This has been reported by a number of people (I personally lost the entire character - just glad it was only 2.5 hours). Consensus seems to be that it’s an issue with cloud saves. Doesn’t seem like epic is acknowledging any issue though. Below is their response to my ticket:

Hello Verizal,

thank you for your response.

In the mean time I recieved a answer from epic games:

"Vielen Dank für deine Nachricht und schön, dass du unser Spiel spielst.

Wir wissen es zu schätzen, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast, uns über diese Angelegenheit zu informieren. Das Problem ist uns bekannt und unser Entwicklerteam wird sich so schnell wie möglich darum kümmern. Die Unannehmlichkeiten tun mir wirklich sehr leid.

Danke nochmal für deine Meldung!

Liebe Grüße und viel Spaß beim Spielen!"

It says that they know about the issue and try to fix it. But they didnt mentioned if we get our progress back.

But what I dont understand is why there are two characters in my save data that i didnt create?