Lost character level 72

Ive downloaded bl2 to my XB1 i had a character saved to cloud but it wont let me load him when i try it asks me to overwrite a level 1 character in its place so i will lose my 72 can anyone help plz

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I’m reading your question as you’ve just put the backwards compatible version of BL2 on your XB1. If this isn’t the case, please ignore the following and post a clarification. Otherwise:

Did you just hit the “Character Select” button, or did you go into the “Download Saves” menu on the main game screen?

If the latter, try the former. If you’re still getting an overwrite prompt, contact support. Make sure you let them know that you’re playing the backwards compatible version of BL2 on XB1 and not the Handsome Collection version.

The Upload/Download options were added for compatibility between BL2 on 360 and Handsome Collection BL2 on XB1. The original BL2 has only just become available as a backwards compatible title on XB1, so it’s possible there are some unintended bugs around.

I tryed the character select button first everything was new level 1 characters then i tryed cloud save it told me to upload new character to cloud but said it will over ride a previous save. So there is a character there just cant see or use it

OK, so:

  • DON’T use the “Upload Save” menu item. It’s there solely for transferring BL2 saves on 360 to Handsome Collection version on XB1.

  • You’ll probably want to restart the game and see what storage device options you have to choose from. There may be an option somewhere to switch storage device, but I’m away from my console right now so I can’t check it.

  • You can access the emulated 360 system menus within the game by hitting both the start and menu buttons on your controller at the same time (hitting the XBox button will take you back to the main XB1 “desktop”)

(Added the last one since I just learned about that the other day, and it’s useful if you want to try and invite players to your game or set up a party within the virtual 360 environment)

Hey Andy. I got the same issue no option to download lv 72 character after uploaded it to the xbox one backwards compatible Borderlands 2.

I believe it a current bug with the game. I would say to start a New character or wait to see if they find this bug And fix it. My other friend has the same issue so am guessing it a current bug.

If you’re trying to use the backwards-compatible version of BL2 on your XB1, try moving your 360 save to your Cloud Sync folder. It should then (based on how the BL1 version works) get synced and be available on your XB1.


The in-game Upload menu in BL2 is for transferring a save from BL2-360 to BL2-Handsome Collection. I’m pretty sure you should not be using that to transfer to the baclwards compatible version of BL2 on XB1. The 360 version of the game only ever had “Upload” and the HC version only ever had “Download” in-game menu options.

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Hey just lettings you know it worked.
Thanks for the help.

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Ill give it a try hopefully it works thanks

So what you are saying is in order to download any character save from 360, I need the handsome collection or else it will not work?

It still doesnt work i dont have a 360 anymore either not sure what else to do nothing seems to work

I have owned BL2 for 360 my son owned HC for xbox 1 which i uploaded my character to using my profile. But now BL2 has become available for backwards compatability on XB1 which i now have it wont let me use him even tho it says theres a character save there

The backwards compatible version of BL2 can’t read a Handsome Collection BL2 save directly, even though both games and saves are under the same profile on the same XB1. I believe this is a consequence of a change in the way save files are handled and backed up natively on XB1 compared to the old 360 way of doing things.

Note also that the transfer from BL2-360 to BL2-HC only goes one way - there’s no way to transfer a HC-BL2 save back to the 360 (whether that’s an actual 360 or the emulated one).

This whole situation is why I was so surprised when the backwards-compatible version of BL2 was announced - it’s great for folks who never bought the Handsome Collection, but is really confusing for those who did.

Thanks for explaining it it is quite frustraiting to start from scratch

I can see that, although I’m also having a lot of fun starting a bunch of characters over (currently have three of them through to TVHM and one close to finishing NVHM).

Im close to finishing TVHM skipped most side missions regret it a little enemies are pretty hard with the weapons i have .

There’s a couple that give blue tier (but not legendary) you could pick up. You could also just run some of the ones that give cash, skins, eridium, and/or XP as rewards.

I have a lvl 50 character on my 360 and recently downloaded BL2 on my XB1, but not the handsome collection. Is there a way to download my 360 character to the XB1 or is it only possible if i have the Handsome collection?

In regards to your post, how do you move the 360 save to the cloud sync folder?

Thanks in advance for your help!

On the 360, go to your System > Storage > Hard Drive > Games and Apps > Borderlands 2. Select the file you want and choose either Copy or Move from the menu, then select your Cloud Save drive.

Full instructions here:

Thank you, i will try it out and see if that works

Hi guys I don’t know if anyone is still using this but I figured out how to do it. On your Xbox 360 you have to go to Settings>System>Storage>Hardrive>Games and Apps> Borderlands2> then select the character you want to switch over to ur Xbox one and select move> move it to cloud saves> now when you load borderlands2 backwards compatible version on your Xbox one it will say uploading cloud saves and ur characters will be there with all gear and progress still there. Hope this helps!