Lost character progress, golden keys, AND skins

So earlier today Fl4k was sitting at level 14 and I was on athena. Started another character and leveled him up to level 5 on pandora. Around 3:30 I got on, and noticed Fl4k was back at level 9 in meridian. And that the other character I had made was gone. I started up Fl4k and went to sanctuary to make sure I had all my stuff still, and all my skins except the default one and another were gone. This goes with every other cosmetic device as well. All the stuff I recieved for buying the most expensive pre order bundle digitally is just gone.

I claimed my 8 keys around level 11 and used 2 of them so I should have 6. But I unfortunately have 0. And I have nothing i can claim on social as well…

This has happened to me twice now. I played Friday night and got to level 10, loaded the game on Saturday morning and was pushed back down to level 6. Spent all day from around 11 am till 3:30 am getting to level 22. Woke up today and loaded the game and Im down to level 9 and lost everything in my game. I still have all of the achievements on my Xbox though so it has to be an issue within the game itself.

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There’s definitely a problem with the cloud and local save files. I have had a loss of progress as well but only lost like half an hour or so a couple of times.

I know its too late for you. When you get the message about which file to save, pick the newest one.
Get in the habit of manually saving the game. Save files are in this directory

  • C:\Users\windows_username\Documents\My Games\Borderlands
  • 3\Saved\SaveGames\bunch of numbers