Lost Characters 360 cloud

i recently downloaded the handsome collection on my xbone and tried uploadinig my old characters from borderlands 2 on my 360. This didnt work so i just started new characters.
Then a friend suggested plugging in my 360 again to upload them from there so i did and everyone of my characters from my 360 are gone even tried switching from cloud to local and back but to no avail.
i had several high level ones but they are all gone my sons files are still there so i have no idea any help would be grateful.

So, just to make sure I’m clear on this:

  • You had your BL2 saves in the Cloud Sync folder on your old 360
  • Now they appear to be missing
  • Your XBL subscription is current
  • You’ve done the usual system cache clearing etc.

I can only think of two possibilities:

  • They may have been moved out of the cloud sync folder to your local or some external storage - did you ever create your own backup copies? (I kept mine backed up to USB)
  • They got deleted from your cloud sync folder - this happened to me once by accident when my son was still fairly new to the 360…

I would suggest at least checking directly from System > Storage > Cloud Sync > Games & Apps > BL2 and see what’s actually in there. You could try contacting MS support to see if they have any ideas. If the files are gone from your Cloud Sync folder and aren’t anywhere else, though, you’re probably out of luck.

Yeah tried all the normal stuff nothing happened.
Would it have caused a problem because I changed my gamertag??

Don’t know - I do know that you can’t copy/move someone else’s saves without dire warnings about losing ownership. That would almost certainly be a question for MS support.