Lost Characters and autosave freeze

Hi, moved house and it took me 6 months to set up my xbox360. Over the last week i completed my first run through of BL2 with Axton and started to play some of the DLC, Captain Scarlett partially and then Tiny Tina up to dwarf section. Didn’t pay a lot of attention when autosaves started taking longer and preventing transitioning between areas.

Went to play today and none of my characters were accessible. Very frustrating to lose lvl 34 Axton and a few low level characters. Then later i tried starting a new game, it slowed during autosaves, stuttered and slowed when angel was talking to my character. After making it to Liars Berg and getting Hammerlock to turn on the power the game froze completely.

I also noticed that the badass rating was still set in relation to previous games, even though i could not access them or even see them.

How do i rectify the freezing? Is there any way to restore lost characters? How do i prevent re-occurence. If i start again i probably just want to level up enough to play the dlcs all once.

Thanks for any advice.


Have you put in a support ticket?

Do so if not; https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Two pronged method of getting answers that way.

Thank you for the tip, just put one in.

Never seem that sort of behaviour (slow/freezing autosaves) on 360. It sounds like your drive may be failing - either the DVD or the hard drive. I would see if you can copy your saves onto a USB. Hope you can get it working again!

That would be normal - the BAR stats are kept separately from the individual game saves.

Thanks vaulthunter, the 360 is an old one and could be starting its journey to silicon heaven. 2K suggested cache clearing and reinstall so that is next on my list but think the characters are gone. Will dig out a usb stick to backup some of my saves after restarting.

Thanks all.

After re-install, xbox stopped reading discs, took apart and cleaned lens. Got error e70, then e68. Looks like my hard drive is failed/failing. Frustrating but at least i am closer to the problem.