Lost Characters

So like a lot of people I played the hell out of BL, BL2 and even TPS. However, i recently sold my 360 and upgraded to Xbone. The problem here is apparent, as much as I love BL as a whole I really just don’t have the time to grind away getting all my characters back to where they were. At the time I sold my 360 i had every BL2 character at lvl 72 and was just getting into headhunter packs and had all TPS characters at lvl 50 was waiting for the new DLC to grind to 70. So with that said I really really don’t want to have to do all that grinding to get everything back so ultimately what I’m asking (and I’m not sure if its allowed on the forums forgive me if its not) since cross save doesn’t transfer characters from 360 to Xbone but rather makes a copy to be downloaded into the new game are there any kind souls who would be willing to take the time to upload theres characters from BL2 and TPS and let me access those saves for Handsome Collection? Thanks for any responses

I’m in the same boat as you. Back in 2011/2012 I couldn’t get enough of Borderlands 2 but after the Tiny Tina DLC I fell out of the loop. As someone who upgraded right away I didn’t get a chance to play The Pre Sequel so I’ve been enjoying playing through that, but I’m having a hard time motivating myself to play a game I’ve already beaten at least 30 times. I would mind playing through the story one more time, but 4 times is just too many. I want to start farming and fighting raid bosses as soon as possible. If anyone has any tips, please share.