"lost connection to host, due to incompatible quest progress" error

this error pops up when im trying to play with my friend, have tried LAN and normal internet connection. Anyone know a way to get past this so i could play with my friend?

Where are you both in the story?
Have you tried connecting both directions (eg YOU -> THEM, THEY -> YOU)

we were at second chapter when we tried, and we tried both ways. Didn’t work.

Have you both gone into your respective saves as standalone?

My wife and I transitioned to TVHM and while I started the session & invited her, she never technically switched to TVHM. Yeah, after like 8 hours of game play she logged in and was back at the claptrap TVHM starting point, with zero quest progress.

yeah we have played our saves as standalone also, but now my friend can’t progress because hes story quest got bugged and now he would need to join another’s game to progress and he can’t do that because he gets the same error everytime when trying to join anyone’s session.

Dang, that sux… sorry. To fix my wife’s character; I just copied my save file over to her PC.

Any chance you both are playing same toon?

Had a thought, both of you are playing the same (updated?) version? We’re at like 1.0.3 with updates & then the Halloween themed menu hotfix.

yeah we are playing the same updated version, and i’m playing as moze and friend as fl4k. maybe i should try sending him my save file if that would fix the problem he’s encountering now

Edit: now he got past that quest where he was stuck because of a bug, but still we can’t play together