Lost/ corrupt save data

So I got up to level 37 with Amara, 53 hours of game play, getting up to leaving the mansion and ambush of, Aurelia. And just now, restarting the game after a bug, I switched to local save to see if that would fix. Only now I have no save, I tried this method of copying and renaming the file there, but to no avail (https://gamertweak.com/borderlands-3-mail-box-location/). I also tried verifying and reconnecting to the cloud-save. Nothing has worked.

Can anyone help? I really don’t want to go through the game for a 5th time after helping my friends get their characters up who joined the game at different times. Or has anyone got a save file I can just copy? Would be much appreciated.


same thing JUST happened to me

I’m having the same problem, but a little different. I was Level 26, completed a bunch of Main & Side missions. I was playing in game of a friend, logged off and when I got back on, it started me at the beginning, but loaded my level 26 character with all of the same skill points and guns I had acquired—except all of my missions and side missions were gone. I restarted and had the same thing happen. I played 5 Main Missions and then shut down, came back on and it had me start at the beginning. I’m through with it. I have no confidence in going back and playing this game knowing I may have to start over again. If I play in another’s game, all of my stats and levels, etc. are fine, but MY missions are missing.