Lost cosmetic items and keys

I got onto B3 after work and checked my social to redeem my keys. To my surprise I was greeted with a bunch of messages for items that I already redeemed when I bought the game. It was starter stuff from preorder but I got them again. I didn’t think anything of it and clicked away but when I check my inventory I apparently lost a lot of my cosmetic stuff. It basically reset my skins for guns and also my trinkets. I rushed over to sanctuary and found out that I lost all my head, body and echo skins. Worst of all I had lost all my keys that I had been saving up during the work week. I had rough 25 keys saved up too :confused: I had heard about people losing their bank items as well and of course I lost mine too. I’ve been backing all my saves since release but I think since the social effects my account and not my character. So I wasn’t sure what changed from the last time I played. I saw that there was a hotfix since I played but not sure how to go about this. I already put in a ticket and thought I’d head to the forums.

TLDR: Lost head skins, body skins, keys, bank items, trinkets and weapon skins. I use a backed up save but I’m sure it’s tied to my account and not character. I already submitted a ticket.

There’s a separate file called profile.sav stored some where in your BL3 folders - that’s the one that appears to have been corrupted or deleted. I don’t think it’s in the SavedGames folder; if you can figure it out and have a back up of the relevant directory you should be able to restore an earlier version.

Otherwise, contact the support desk: they may be able to help with things like keys etc. (Form is linked in the sticky post at the top of this section.)

I backed up the profile.sav because I believe its in the saved game folder too.

If that’s the case, that will be the one you need to restore to get your items back.

I restored that one as well and it didn’t fix anything. That’s why I figured it was within my account and not the characters. The only ones available were from the preorder and what I bought with VIP points.