Lost everything in the bank

same here on PC came back to sanctuary to deposit another legendary and it was completely empty… all my previous legendaries are gone now


The easiest fix i’ve found to this is to quit the game right after you deposit your weapons and then start it again. It seems that the bank glitch happens when you put the weapons in the bank and then close the game completely. It’s happened to me multiple times but ever since i’ve started exiting and rejoining it hasn’t happened to me. Sorry about your guns, I hope this information is still useful to you though ! :smile:


i dont think it matters i have 3 full days of putting stuff in bank and ive exited multiple times the game without issue


is it possible you’ve messed around with your save files?

Happened to us too with Player 2 while playing splitscreen.


Nope, no messing with files or anything like that lol. Has happened to me & a few of my mates after we played multiplayer for some reason. No game crashes of any kind either

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I just had this happen to me. Not cool


Same thing happened to me. I played online with my brother and all my loot in my bank was gone. I think it was because I had bad WiFi

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Just lost all my items as well, got over a days playing time and all the loot is gone yay.

Ps4 here. I’m right there with ya. Came back after farming legendaries and went to deposit a few and box was empty.

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Im on the PC and I found that today when I went back to the bank I had lost all my loot. Very upsetting. Lost a lot of good early game help and a few legendary guns.


Yup, lost 20 mid game legendary guns because of this. how was this bug not caught

Same here, playing split screen co-op in PS4 my wife as player 2 lost all her items stored in the bank. We checked several times and every time it was the same, every item in the bank just disappeared.

We opened a support ticket this was the answer:

Hey there, Vault Hunter!

Thanks for reaching out to us at 2K Support!

Those are some great ideas and I want your voice to be heard. Click this link…yeah click here…right here. Hyperion Robot Services will transport you to the best place to leave your feedback. Make sure to keep your eyes glued to @2K, @GearboxOfficial, and @Borderlands for the latest info.

Let me know if you have questions or any other portal-rific needs!

Safe travels, minion!

Which was not at all helpful. We opened another one with the hope that this reaches gearbox devs and they can fix this ASAP because I think this is ruining the game experience for quite a lot people right now.

As player1 my bank still works, fingers crossed…


Just had it happen to me just now on PS4, I had all my lower level legendary weapons and anything with red flavor text in there… all gone now.

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I play on PS4. When i logged off Last night (11:27 pm) I had a full inventory in my bank (legendaries and uniques). When i logged on today (5:20 pm) my banked inventory was missing. WTF is that? I have not even finished the story yet


Ouch online okay to ugh.

Logged on today and lost everything in my bank too… XboxOneX… not happy as lost all my Legendaries, Exclusives, and customisations I was saving my my Brother!!


Hey Fellow Vault Hunters,
Has anyone gotten any response from Gearbox on this. Lost a lot of the paid DLC legendaries I wanted to keep as well as some in game farming legendaries I was excited to have. Happened to me on PS4 so no tampering on my end. Bought the Diamond Edition so my $250 purchase/excitement is beginning to feel wasted. Losing a lot of faith in Dev here after the other issues I ave been having.


same hopefully they can solve this issue soon my inventory is filled to the brim with stuff

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i do hope they are working on a fix for this :confused: im afraid on keep playing the game, already lost a bunch of legendaries and i not even complete the campaing