Lost everything oO

This morning i launch the game. For some reasons they asked me to change my nickname.
I think it was because i had a “é’ and a " " in it, so i changed…
Then the game launch and it was all gone ><”
Fl4k lvl 40 and siren lvl 44 eridium 11, 88 hours in game…

I made a ticket, waiting for answers.

Did it happened to anyone else ?

I tried to put back my old nickname in shift but i can’t put a “é” and a blank, it don’t want update with it.

Thanks for your helps guys/girls -_-

The SHIFT name should not affect anything, as all saves are tied to your platform ID (steam, Epic, etc.) If you manually check your save game folder via Windows file browser, are there any files in it? Did you have your platform account set to sync cloud saves?

Thanks for your answer.

Yes it’s sync with my steam saves cloud. When i check in it, there are 4 files bl3.

I had an answer from my ticket, they told me to clear steam cache and reinstall borderland.
So that’s what i’m doing (i can’t check if there is saves files on my computer 'cause i already uninstalled the game).

I tell you if it works for me.

Amazing, it worked :wink:
Clear cache, uninstall, reinstall… Done.


I would recommend making a local back up of all your saves and the profile.sav file that goes with them, and keeping those safe and up-to-date. A little extra insurance never hurts!

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your save files may still be there search your hard drive for *.sav files