Lost Gold Keys and Save Files


Hoping a GM can help me out. I just lost the last 3-4 hour of game play, it didnt save, I chose save to computer or something when I closed to desktop.

During that game time, I also used a code for 3 gold keys and that is gone as well.

Hoping a GM can help, if not, at the very least if I can get those gold keys credited back since the code won’t work again. Can be verified by checking my reward history for 9-16-2019.

Same here, we need gm help, at least give me back my golden key.

I also have the very same problem T_T.

me too
help me give back my gold key plz~

Just had this as well where I lost my game progress, everything in the bank, my bank slots, loot recovery slots, and 6 gold keys I was saving.