Lost Golden Keys

So I decided to purchase the Handsome Collection after playing the Xbox360 version of Borderlands 2, I read from gearboxs site that I would get 75 golden keys when transferring my character save data. So I waited till the game finished downloading, I opened the 360 version to go edit my guns and save up the character to cloud and suddenly got my 75 golden keys on the Xbox 360 version. Now I’ve transferred it to the Handsome Collection (XONE) version and since golden keys are not transferable they’re all lost. Any idea on how I can get them back? Or to the Handsome Collection

When you transfer your first save from BL2-360 to BL2-Handsome Collection using the in-game upload/download menus, you should get a bunch of stuff transferred over with it (including all your heads and skins, profile BAR stats, etc.) If that doesn’t work for the golden keys, I’d suggest filing a support ticket with support:


Everything did transfer. My problem is as I opened Borderlands 2 on the 360 to edit my character it credited me the 75 golden keys from the cross save gift. However the 75 keys were supposed to go on the Handsome Collection XONE version. Seeing that you cannot transfer golden keys, I’m now stuck with no keys for the hc and more keys I didn’t want on the 360, which I will not be playing. I’ve sent support a ticket and waiting for a reply. Do you know how long it typically takes ?

Depends on volume at the time, but generally you’ll get a live response in 24-48 hours. My last ticket (not BL2 related though) got very quick response (about an hour).