Lost guardians not spawning in the proving ground: Survival

I am trying to farm a decent bloodletter at the survival proving grounds and I am not sure what’s going on. I was thrilled when I realized you could fast travel to sanctuary and back to farm without going back to main, but after a few the lost guardian has stopped spawning it seems.

I know it’s possible I could’ve just missed it, but I remember seeing the first few times and it was not that hard to spot. It glows compared to everything around it. I even recorded a run with me panning around constantly and upon re-watching it there was nothing. I couldn’t see a hint of it anywhere.

I’m wondering if anyone else is having this issue. The drops suck unless you get all bonus objectives (even though the patch says if you achieve the fastest time). Last run finished with almost 26 mins on the clock and the chest gave me 2 whites, a green, and a purple. Is this another case of mobs spawning in the floor. I know people were having issues progressing due to Out of Bounds mobs.

I’m going to continue testing and record more if I need to.

Edit: It appears you can do it 3 times and guardian will still spawn, but subsequent runs will not have a guardian spawn and you will be unable to obtain full rewards for trial until going back to main and reloading.

I have moved this to tech support.